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ACQUA®.ecologie / BioMicrobics® France expert in the treatment and reuse of water for land and marine environments.

We design innovative, high-performance solutions that eliminate almost all pollutants and recycle water on site. Simple, economical and sustainable, our solutions adapt to all environments, whatever the market (individuals, communities, industry, ports, ships, viticulture, health, army, etc.), even in the most extreme environments, while minimizing life cycle costs.

Our solutions contribute to the preservation of natural resources, the environment and ecosystems as well as the SmartCity, SmartPort and GreenShip of tomorrow.



Building the future of SmartCity, SmartPort and GreenShip

We have developed a unique design knowledge based on an assembly of different innovative technological bricks that we design. This knowledge aims in particular to simplify processes, in order to have the most autonomous solutions possible and to overcome the skills of users. This results in more economical, more durable and high-performance solutions, all of which are always adapted to the real needs of customers.

Thanks to this, we can offer, in a very large majority of cases, the recycling and reuse of water, whatever the environment of use, on land or at sea!


270, Rue Thomas Edison
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Intervention domains

Coastal and marine environment - Combating greenhouse gases technology - Biochemical processes - Groundwater - Collection, transport and treatment of cleansing sludges - Chemical-physical processes - Environmental approach of urbanism - Management of fluids and networks - Eco-design - Mechanical-physical processes - Eco-design and clean technologies - Membrane plant - Rainwater management unit - Eco-materials, Eco-design and Eco-products, Alternative raw materials - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Sewage treatment plant - Sewage, industrial, cleansing and dredging sludge - Seepage water in landfill / leachates - Industrial ecology - Utilization and waste disposal - Wastewater - Water filtering in tap - point of use - Water re-use and saving - Water saver

Certifications, labels or price

ACQUA.ecologie leader of innovation in water in 2020:


Our innovations and the capacity to design treatment chains have earned ACQUA.ecologie / BioMicrobics France multiple awards in 2020:

– 2020 Award for the most innovative water treatment research and design firm in France for the year 2020

– 2020 Pollutec Innovation award international

– 2020 SmartPort Challenge Marseille winner for the construction of the port of the future and energy recovery from wastewater!

– 2020 Selection of innovative solutions for a sustainable port

– 2020 Product selection and innovative company BioBarrier MarineMBR – Euromaritime SEAnnovation!

– 2019 Innovation Award Coup de Coeur, BioBarrier MarineMBR Salon Nautic Paris!

– 2019 Prize for the best project of the year 2019, for the treatment and reuse of wine effluents at the Castello di Amorosa estate!

– 2019 Award for Best Social Media Program awarded by BioMicrobics!


A company with great potential, definitely in the era of time.


270, Rue Thomas Edison
34400 - Lunel - France