Field of activity: Manufacturer - Maker
College of Trades: Water and Sanitation professions


AquaTech Innovation is a GreenTech start-up, based in Montpellier and labeled Greentech Innovation by the Ministry of Ecological Transition. We have designed patented modular products to save water and protect the environment from pollution from domestic wastewater. We deploy them and ensure their commissioning. These products respond to the problems of professional activities that generate a lot of human activity such as campsites, marinas, communities with isolated sites, etc. :

  • The AquaCollect allows wastewater to be collected wherever it is, whatever the technical and geological constraints. Including in a constrained environment, where gravity networks cannot be applied. In single or multiple collection points, the networks can be dismantled, to meet a regulatory need.
  • The AquaClear is a 100% biological mini wastewater treatment plant, deployable wherever traditional solutions do not apply, including floating. This wastewater is treated as close as possible to its emission points, with no visual, noise or residual impact on the local environment.
  • The AquaPool regenerates the rinsing water from the filters of swimming pools open to the public. This water, once treated, is re-injected into the pool itself, saving at least 80% of the volume of water. The process also improves water quality by significantly reducing chloramine problems.
  • AquaGreen and AquaFlush recycle domestic gray water for a new use. After a finishing treatment, this water can be reused for watering green spaces, for flushing toilets, etc.
  • AquaData is an additional digital innovation to AquaTech solutions. It allows water-intensive activities to control their consumption. The data collected by the sensors allows their analysis to alert in the event of a leak and also to recommend the right solutions to deploy to reduce consumption.

For information, each process can be independent : it is possible to adopt only the collection solution in the case of a connection to the city network, as it is possible to install only the treatment, regeneration or recycling solutions.

For professionals whose activities consume a lot of water, this allows them to engage in a sustainable approach by protecting water resources and also to comply with regulations and thus maintain their activity.

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We have already equipped ports such as Cap d’Agde (34), Port Ilon (78), Marina Baie des Anges in Antibes. We also have tourist accommodation providers such as Vacanceselect, Yellow Village, etc. as clients.


Cap Alpha - 3 avenue de l'Europe
34830 - Clapiers - France Phone: +33 (0)4 65 27 45 10


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Intervention domains

Biochemical processes - Management of fluids and networks - Sustainable urban planning - Sewage treatment plant - Water infrastructure - Wastewater - Water re-use and saving - Water saver

Certifications, labels or price

The company has been awarded various labels and prizes :

  • The Greentech Innovation label by the Ministry of Ecological Transition.
  • The “Companies Commited to Nature” label by the French Biodiversity Agency
  • The Remarkable Company label by Initiative France The “Faire” prizes of the Departmental and Regional TPE
  • The double Prize of the jury and the public of the Pau e-Tourism Startup Contest,
  • The My Med competition for the protection of the Euro-Mediterranean coastline by responding to challenge n°1 “How to limit the impacts of wastewater generated by the activities”
  • The “Faire” prizes of the Departmental and Regional TPE
  • The Start-up Contest Prize of the International & French Travel Market
  • The Med’innovant competition for eco-innovative projects for sustainable cities by responding to challenge n°2 “Water in the city”
  • The Innovation prize of the Tourism Equipment and Techniques Trade Fair (SETT)

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Cap Alpha - 3 avenue de l'Europe
34830 - Clapiers - France

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