AMERICANA Forum – Montreal – 20-22 March 2023

AMERICANA Forum – Montreal – 20-22 March 2023

The Club ADEME International is pleased to have been a participant back in March, in the environmental forum AMERICANA in Montreal as part of Business France’s stand.

The Quebec region is an important international partner for ADEME, particularly for issues such as the production of zero carbon energy or the circular economy, and is currently accelerating its ecological transition.

The increasing environmental requirements necessitate innovations and services which can be provided by French eco-companies. Our members present on the stand were:

Chromatotec: Instrumentation to measure air and water quality through chromatography.

ECOMESURE: Connected inside and outside air quality monitoring and analysis solutions.

TAMI Industries: Manufacturer of tubular ceramic membranes used to separate liquid molecules, particularly: waste treatment, recycling of process water and baths, etc.

Waga Energy: Solution to produce network injectable biomethane from biogas emitted by waste storage facilities.