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Audits, consulting, expertise, training in energy efficiency and energy management systems. Interventions in industrial companies and within the framework of collective operations on these themes, to which are added missions of putting in relation with local interlocutors and decision-makers for the implementation of eco-technological and energy eco-efficiency solutions to which...


Here are the three solutions resulting from this union between ACCENTA and OZE ENERGIES: • Enforceable inventory of a building (energy consumption, air quality, thermal comfort, etc.) and energy roadmap in accordance with the Tertiary Decree Remote management of a building or a building stock (continuous optimization thanks to machine...


ACQUA®.ecologie / BioMicrobics® France expert in the treatment and reuse of water for land and marine environments. We design innovative, high-performance solutions that eliminate almost all pollutants and recycle water on site. Simple, economical and sustainable, our solutions adapt to all environments, whatever the market (individuals, communities, industry, ports, ships,...


Acwa is a start-up that develops robotic cartography and inspection solutions for drinking water pipes. Acwa’s robots will help preserve a significant portion of the water resource lost due to numerous breakages and leaks and also save the energy used for the collection and treatment of this lost drinking water.


ADEQUATEC is an innovative French SMI in the water treatment market that offers a new technology for thickening and dewatering sludge with very low energy consumption and low carbon footprint, which allows : easy, automatic and reliable operation, low operating costs. As such, ADEQUATEC received in 2010 the prize for...


The AGAPÉ firm supports companies that have decided to commit to an approach that respects Health and the Environment for their Responsible Purchasing (ISO 20400 standard) and their Responsible Events (ISO 20121 standard). It brings its expertise and the sum of its experiences to industrial or service companies, private or...


AGROWIN® International designs tillage and sowing machines for soil conservation agriculture. Adapt and meet challenges Agriculture must adapt to the new expectations of consumers who want healthier food while juggling ecological dogmatism and climatic difficulties. AGROWIN® International is aimed at farmers and Agricultural Work Contractors (E.T.A). Its mission: to support...


If the environmental problems related to air pollution are nowadays known by everyone, it is not the same for the problems related to indoor air pollution. The latter are still unknown to the general public and often underestimated. The progressive awareness of air quality issues has become collective in recent...


AIRARO participated in the 3 SWACs carried out in French Polynesia, in BoraBora, Tetiaroa, and for the Taaone hospital in Tahiti, a project co-financed by ADEME under the heat fund.


Design and development of products and services in the maritime field including kite sails for wind propulsion to contribute to the production of renewable energies