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Landfill gas upgrading into grid compliant Renewable Natural Gas Waga-Energy upgrades landfill gas into grid-compliant biomethane (also called Renewable Natural Gas or RNG). Thanks to the WAGABOX® technology, which combines membrane filtration and cryogenic distillation, Waga Energy recovers the methane produced spontaneously by the breakdown of organic matter contained in...


Witti has chosen to place itself at the heart of this evolution by dedicating its activity to innovation and the development of digital services for the management of urban and industrial infrastructures. Initially offering intelligent lighting solutions, Witti aims to expand into new markets both in France and abroad. By...


Based in Paris, Lyon and Saint-Étienne, our team of 20 people masters both functional and operational urban planning, the construction of public or private buildings, but also skills related to the environment and the philosophy of sustainable development. Each project brings together a team of men and women with a...


Created in 2010, Yélé Consulting is a consulting and engineering firm in operational strategy in the field of energy transition. For Yélé, the success of the energy transition lies in the intelligent integration of digital technologies and in the operational efficiency of organizations. With more than 80 employees, Yélé is...