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College of Trades: Energy, Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency professions


Solar Cloth System has developed an innovative process, qualified as a technological breakthrough. It is the integration of thin photovoltaic layers to a textile support.

Derived from years of designing highly technical racing sails, the company’s know-how consists of a transverse application to two existing technologies: structured technical textiles and CIGS-type photovoltaic thin films.

With 17.6% efficiency, the flexible and rollable modules of Solar Cloth have a power comparable to those of the traditional rigid silicon panels used on the roof, without however having the disadvantages because they do not contain glass.

Key figures

125 000


Solar Cloth is referenced by Renault-Volvo Trucks as a standard factory-fitted supplier for both brands. But also at Huttopia, Richel-Toutabri, and Vitabri

The Solar Cloth solution concerns four main industrial markets: mobility, agricultural greenhouses, the outdoors, housing. Boating and racing are of course present in his daily life, as in particular for Jean Le Cam during the last Vendée Globe.

After two years of research and development, we are pleased to officially announce that the Renault-Volvo Trucks group has listed Solar Cloth as a standard supplier in its factories.

The innovations developed, as a source of on-board electricity, meet a need very often expressed by hauliers and customers of the Renault-Volvo Trucks brands (second largest group in the world). Vehicle-integrated photovoltaics (VIPV) are part of the response to the need for sustainable mobility.

Solar Cloth is proud to participate in the design and industrial manufacture of these new concepts. In two years, it has been able to remove the main technical obstacles and thus contribute to the effective introduction of VIPV in the field of road and maritime transport (see 2 photos below).

Photo below: Renault T25 and the SolarCloth 3D photovoltaic module


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Architecture - Electric vehicles - Energy efficiency - Environmental development - Energy efficiency - Photovoltaic solar - Renewables energies - Mobility and urban transport - Eco-design and clean technologies - Thermal solar - Environmental and social Investments

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Innovation is supported by several patents issued and numerous awards, including that of ADEME in 2019 (Innovation & Growth), and i-Nov 2020 (Prime Minister’s Service).

In May 2021, Solar Cloth won the France Relance government plan.
Solar Cloth is supported by the BPI (2017) and by Région Sud Investissement (2019).
Solar Cloth works with IM2NP, IPVF and INRAE, among others. And also CAPENERGIE, ADEME, and TECHTERA

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141 Avenue Jean Mermoz
06210 - Mandelieu - France

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