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Created in 2010, Eon motors designs, develops, assembles and  market light electric vehicles. From the outset, Eon Motors has chosen to rely on European regulations for Quadricycles, light (L6e) and Heavy (L7e), for its vehicles. Designed not to be cars but the most compact and lightest possible electric vehicles in order to devote their on-board energy to uses and not to carrying empty masses uncorrelated from the needs of everyday mobility.

For this, Eon Motors relied on original motor technology, the wheel motor. In fact, equipping our chassis platforms with 4 wheel motors of 3,750 kW at the 4 ends of the platform, i.e. 15 kW of total power, allows a very large roominess to be released in favor of carrying passengers, up to 4, or payloads.

Our Weez vehicles have maximum accessibility, both in the City-Pro, City-Duo 2-seater version, and in the City-4 (4-seater) version, due to the choice of fitting them with opposing doors without B-pedestal (or middle).

Specifically designed to meet the requirements of local trips, our vehicles have a real range of more than 100 km (100 km in WLTC cycle), a maximum design speed of 90 km / h and easy recharging. on a simple socket or terminal in mode 3.

The compactness and lightness of Eon motors electric vehicles obtained thanks to proprietary technologies developed and implemented in Malijai by our teams in terms of platform chassis, running gear, thermoformed ABS bodywork, on-board electronics and power and IHM are the guarantors of the use of our technologies at the service of the uses and of a comfort adapted to the challenges of everyday life.

Weez City-Pro and Duo have been approved since summer 2020, have just been the subject of a pre-series of 20 vehicles, 2 of which were delivered in China in May 2021 to our reference shareholder. The Weez City-4 will be approved in the first quarter of 2024.

Finally to finish, if Eon Motors plans to enrich its range and develop new models corresponding to its DNA, the brand also wishes to be able to promote the technological bricks that it has developed and will develop to compete, either as a carrier of project or as a contributor to soft and carbon-free mobility projects.

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Supported by a Family Office shareholder from the start and still present in the capital, Eon motors developed from 2010 to 2014 in a Franco-Tunisian framework for its first Weez 1 and 2 models, the only light electric 3-seater quadricycles to ever have been approved in Europe. In 2014, the company established itself definitively in Malijai in the Alpes de Haute Provence, bringing together all of its subsidiaries into a single entity. To strengthen its pool of historical shareholders, the General Management, after having exhausted all possibilities of researching investments in its project in France and in Europe, left for China for a 3-week study trip. She found and brought back a new industrial partner, a leading automotive supplier to the Chinese but also European automotive industry (PSA / WW), but not a manufacturer. Very interested in the vision of mobility carried by the Management of Eon motors and backed by an investment of € 8 million in the company, this new invested shareholder made available to Eon motors a sister company in Shanghai, specifically created for this cooperation, which now works on assemblies and sub-assemblies historically imported directly by the Brand from Chinese manufacturers (wheel motors, batteries, etc.). Having such expertise on site, more than 25 people, and thus offering Eon motors the opportunity to pursue its development in Europe such as that of exporting its technologies and vehicles to China in the form of “Proof of concept” is a extraordinary opportunity for Eon motors.


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Combating greenhouse gases technology - Electric vehicles - Energy efficiency - Eco-management - Energy efficiency - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Hybrid vehicles - Training or awareness - Renewables energies - Sustainable urban planning

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Member of the CAPERNERGIE competitiveness cluster and of AVERE France, Eon motors presented several projects which were able to be labeled and in particular for mobility AMIs.

Eon motors obtained the Innovation trophy awarded by PROVENCE in 2014 – The Gold Medal of the European Lépine competition 2015 and the Medal of Honor from the Ministry of Trade and Crafts and Solidarity Economy 2015 for its Weez vehicles.

Eon motors has been ISO 9001-2015 certified since August 1, 2015.

Eon motors and the Aix Marseille University Materials and Acoustics Laboratory have implemented a CIFRE thesis under ANRT agreement on materials and their uses in additive manufacturing for the benefit of the brand’s future light electric vehicles.

Selected by UIMM and RISING SUD to benefit from the INDUTRIE DU FUTUR 4.0 Diagnosis course, Eon motors has been selected as eligible for a subsidy for the equipment of additive manufacturing machines for its design offices and its manufacturing of small parts. series.

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04350 - MALIJAI - France

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