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GLOBAL WARMING – The vicious circle of active cooling solutions and urban heat island effect

Break the vicious circle of active cooling solutions

One of the consequences of the global warming is the increase of heat waves. In order to maintain a comfortable living environment investment in active solutions such as ventilation and air conditioning are exploding. According to The International Energy Agency energy demands to refresh buildings has more than tripled since 1990. The increase in refrigerant gases is harmful to the climate and contribute to the global warming: the more we cool buildings, the more we heat the planet.

Coolroofing is one of the passive solutions likely to break this circle. It consists of using paints with specific radiative properties that avoid solar heat to be absorbed by roofs and thus reduce the effect of urban heat island.

Urban heat island effect

In the majority of cities, the increase in temperature peaks linked to climate change are also exacerbated by the urban heat island effect: the envelopes of buildings absorb solar flux, store energy to turn it inside, but also outside. The concentration of buildings creates a significant difference between city and countryside.

COOL ROOF FRANCE – A social enterprise committed to local economic development and social inclusion

Cool Roof France was founded in 2015 with the objective to create and popularize passive solutions to protect buildings from high heat in a low-tech, mulicultural and social justice logic thanks to a sustainable economic model.

Cool Roof France is now positioned on the leading edge of innovative products for coolroofing in Europe and obtained several awards for this :

  • Laureate “Greentech Verte” 2018
  • Innovative EcoEnterprise 2018
  • Best innovative Enterprise Award of “Victoires de la Bretagne 2018”

The company is also involved in international organizations such as the Cool Coalition and Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction.

Since last year, Cool Roof France has been present thanks to social finance in Senegal:

  • Market reasearch (EU- InnoWide) to advance market knowledge, bio-based procurement and transfer
  • A demonstration projet (USA-MCRC) to paint and instrumented 17 buildings of a neighborhood. A network of “coolroofers” has been created.
  • Spreading of the solution (French Government-FASEP). Collaboration of the agency in charge of managing public buildings in Senegal (AGPBE). The objective is to cover 15,000m² of public building roofs.

Why using white paint?

The °CoolRoof coating offers a reflective protection that reflects 95% of the solar radiation. This limits the absorption of heat by the buildings and thus will keep them naturally cooler.

This will reduce air conditioning consumption, limiting greenhouse gas emissions.
The coating will also provide protection for the existing membrane, extending its life.
In addition, the solution will boost photovoltaic efficiency by reducing the heat generated by the solar panel and increasing the amount of capturable solar energy.

Positive impacts 

Environmental :

  • Global warming : breaks the vicious circle of cooling and limits the effect of heat islands
  • Products : without VOW and without chemical solvent. Development of eco-designed products integrating relevant biobased components.

Social :

  • In offices: Improvement of thermal comfort for employees
  • In housing : Improvement of thermal comfort for residents
  • In commercial places : Improvement of thermal comfort for customers

Economic :

  • Increase : employee productivity, customer satisfaction, life of the roof and condensers, efficiency of installations (+10 to 50% for photovolaic panels
  • Decrease: loss of goods due to non compliance with temperature instructions, air conditioning consumption (-10 to 40%)


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  • Laureate “Greentech Verte” 2018
  • Innovative EcoEnterprise 2018
  • Best innovative Enterprise Award of “Victoires de la Bretagne 2018”


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Zone Artisanale Quiella
29590 - Le Faou - France