Field of activity: Manufacturer - Maker , Service company
College of Trades: Water and Sanitation professions


CityTaps allows the emergence of a win-win relationship between water operators and subscribers thanks to its unique solution: an intelligent micropayment water meter, linked to a billing software.

Our system enables water operators to optimize their working capital and, in the long term, to invest in new infrastructure to integrate the poorest urban populations into their networks. As for subscribers, thanks to mobile payment, they can prepay for their water at any time and for any amount, using any mobile phone. They have access to water that is much cheaper than other solutions and is also completely safe.

Our innovative solution has the potential to dramatically improve the lives and well-being of the one billion people who do not have access to piped water at home. Our goal is to work together to make access to piped water at home for all urban dwellers a reality.


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The CityTaps solution is currently in operation with the following water operators:
– SEEN (Niger Water Exploitation Corporation), Niger
– ONEA (National Office of Water and Sanitation), Burkina Faso
– Malindi Water, Kenya
– Interagua, Ecuador
– Odissi, Senegal
– WASAC, Rwanda


29, Boulevard Romain Rolland
92120 - Montrouge - France Phone: +33 (0)6 87 76 41 58

Intervention domains

Automatic taps - Combating greenhouse gases technology - Energy efficiency - Management of fluids and networks - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Training or awareness - Water re-use and saving - Water saver

Certifications, labels or price

GSMA Mobile for Development (UK)
Green Tech
Orange Social Entrepreneur Grand Prize
Green Innovation and Investment Forum
Pitch SABESP (Brazil)
Solar Impulse Foundation

Key figures



29, Boulevard Romain Rolland
92120 - Montrouge - France

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