Field of activity: Research department - Engineering , Service company
College of Trades: Energy, Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency professions


Automatique & Industrie, company specialized in automation and industrial computing, develops and integrates turnkey solutions, customized, opened and sustainable in two renewable energy sectors and a wide range of smart complementary tools.

  • Energy Efficiency : we develop and integrate CACTUS Energy Suite software ( In a autonomous and evolutionary  way  This software allows you:
    • building your energy dashboards
    • detecting consumption deviations rifts
    • disseminating energy reports
    • animating your ISO 50001 system, including building your reference energy situation
    • improving the quality of your data via a patented Artificial Intelligence algorithm
  • Renewable energy production (hydroelectricity, photovoltaics, wind and methanization) :
    • Supply and commissioning of control-command and monitoring systems (PPC and SCADA)
    • Energy Management System : we supply hybrid power plant control systems (PV + Battery + Genset) for Off-Grid and Poor-Grid power plants.
    • Project owner assistance, maintenance in operational condition, completion of turnkey projects (from studies to commissioning) for all types of works

In each profession, we also support you in the collection, cleaning and processing of your data including artificial intelligence when advanced performance requires it : Data qualification, predictive maintenance, process optimization, simulation and forecasts of consumption and production, deviation detection, optimization of system lifetimes…

Our cybersecurity skills ensure the confidentiality of your knowledge and data.

Key figures

12 700


In the photovoltaic sector, we have commissioned more than one Giga Watt since 2017, including 600 MW in France alone in 2021 (over 100 projects). In total, one GW is maintained by our TMA (Third Party Application Maintenance) team.

  • Mauritius (Solitude PV 15 MW, Anahita & Fuel – PV 10 & 15 MW), Madagascar (Ambatolampy – PV 20 MW), Brazil (PV 4 * 5 MW), Mauritania (Nouakchott Airport – PV + 1.5 MW battery storage), Qatar (Schneider Electric), Dubai (Dalkia), Bulgaria (Montupet)…


145, Rue Louis Barran
38430 - Saint Jean de Moirans - France Phone: +33 (0)4 76 93 79 90

Intervention domains

Biomass - Energy efficiency - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Photovoltaic solar - Renewables energies - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Small-scale hydroelectric energy - Wind power

Certifications, labels or price

  • Innovation label of the Pollutec exhibition for CACTUSes. This software has been selected by Minalogic to be presented in its next showroom.
  • CACTUSes is listed by the ATEE in energy management software.
  • MASE certified (improving health, safety, hygiene and respect for the environment).
  • 2021 : Gold medal awarded by ECOVADIS
  • 2021 : Awarded the “STRONG” rating reflecting our financial strength and continued resilience by Plimsoll, a financial and sector analysis company.
  • 2021: rated 3++ by the Bank of France. This note represents the Bank of France’s assessment of the ability of a company domiciled in France to honour its financial commitments over a three-year period.
  • 2019: Winner of the General Electric Renewable Energy Open Innovation Competition in the machine learning category
  •  2019 : Winner of Human Capital Victories

Key figures

International turnover
1 190 k euros


145, Rue Louis Barran
38430 - Saint Jean de Moirans - France

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