Prospective study for the management of household and related waste and urban cleanliness of the Zenata eco-city

In 2004, the Kingdom of Morocco launched a program to create 15 new cities by 2020, including Zenata, located to the east of the Greater Casablanca region.

The Zenata Eco-city project is located along the Atlantic Ocean in Morocco on a territory of almost 2000 ha at the crossroads of the Kingdom’s two largest cities: Rabat and Casablanca.

This leading project aims to create a new urban centrality that meets the challenge of the emergence of a middle class and the development of high value-added services for the region and the country, with the aim of reducing the existing socio-economic imbalances between the East and West of the Greater Casablanca region.

Zenata’s eco-city is intended to be a model of a sustainable city that meets international standards. An Eco-city standard has been developed. Ultimately, the project is expected to accommodate 300,000 inhabitants and 100,000 new jobs.

Objectives of the project :

Preparation of a strategic study to define a plan and an smart method for managing household and similar waste in the Zenata eco-city.

Main phases :

  • Diagnosis and international benchmark
  • Facilitation of information and consultation workshops
  • Scenario proposals and assistance in the choice

Local clients and beneficiaries :

ZENATA Development Company, Mohammedia

Post project results :

The study integrates

  • A strong technological component in order to integrate the latest developments in waste management into the future eco-neighborhood.
  • A social component through an objective of integrating informal workers, at the level of collection but also of treatment (MBT treatment).

Environmental impact :

  • Reduction of greenhouse gases by 36%.
  • Increase of the material and organic recovery rate from 8% to 25%.

Foreign partners :

SIZ Geoconsulting