Promoting sustainable solutions suitable for off-grid mini-grid

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Promoting sustainable solutions suitable for off-grid mini-grid

Technological and digital breakthroughs make now possible to meet the challenge of electrifying even the most remote areas, with decentralized mini-grids. Jointly with our partners, local operators or project developers, Blue Solutions offers technical solutions and brings its expertise to many projects in Benin, Togo, Madagascar, Zambia or Guinea.

Mini-grids rely on batteries to store generated renewable energy. Energy storage is crucial to meet the energy demand during the nighttime without depending on diesel generators. The benefits of autonomous and innovative nature of microgrids go beyond electricity supply. They not only improve the well-being of domestic households but also promote local economic development by supplying power for productive means like agricultural machinery.

Durability is central to us.  Blue Solutions has developed a set of preliminary tools to perform the sizing, design and integration of the different components of the solution, taking into account the local characteristics and unique challenges of each location. With over 6 years of operation of more than 30 microgrids installed across the African continent, we have designed turn-key storage solutions to address the technical challenges of rural mini-grids: resistant to high ambient temperatures without cooling system needed, very stable capacity throughout its lifespan, robust, safe and highly performant. In addition, our integrated offer included a power conversion system and software including an energy management system (EMS), a SCADA and monitoring tools.

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