FRANCK BOUTTE CONSULTANTS Microclimatic urban planning

Project: New city for 500,000 inhabitants: housing, offices, facilities, transport… Location: Zenata, Morocco
Surface area: 1,600 ha
Study date: 2011-2012

Stage: Study to define and plan territorial and spatial organisation
Client : Société d’Aménagement de Zenata
Project Manager: Reichen et Robert & Associés
Concept / innovation: To take advantage of the unique nature of the Moroccan climate in order to develop a low-tech and no cost southern ecology: designing the city based on site risks and constraints (marine risks, pollution, erosion…); implementation of large-scale wind corridors from the sea to naturally cool the city; organisation of the city’s green network to produce microclimates and shade, reorganisation of the waterfront (reorganisation of dunes, evaluation of landscape features). Study on the impact and relevance of urban density on this low-tech design.

Intervention domains

Sustainable urban planning



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