ECOMESURE, monitoring impact of wildfires

Continuous monitoring in fire-risk areas.

Wild fires are becoming more frequent and extensive with climate change. They cause gaseous discharges and particulate emissions, which have health effects and can stretch far beyong fire sites.

A leading American company in the the e-commerce market asked SGS, the global leader in industrial inspection and integrator of Ecomesure solutions, to control its Californian warehouses located in fire-risk areas.
They were looking for a solution to measure the following pollutants: CO, particulate matters (PM2.5, PM10), NO2, H2S and O3. This need was complying with the U.S. regulation Cal/OSHA, the State of California’s program to protect the health and safety of workers. The solution had to be centrally managed and send alerts in case of non-compliance.

Technical solution:

  • A network of a hundred connected stations is set up to continuously monitor all pollutants (O3, H2S, CO, NO2, PM2.5/PM10) as well as environmental parameters (temperature, humidity, pressure) through the 3G network, both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor connected stations are set in weather resistant housings.
  • The services of the EcomSaaS web platform are available to monitor the environmental data via a secure protocol (SSL): data visualization, mapping, storage, direct download in .xlsx or .csv, remote control, warnings/alerts, analysis reports, exchange of data (FTP transfer, API link, database export).
  • The Terrabase web platform is linked to the Ecomesure database in order to benefit from additional services (color-coded warning system, analysis of other environmental parameters…).


  • Weather resistant solution, adapted to indoor and outdoor environments
  • Continuous multiparameter measurement, visualizable in real time
  • Data gathering of all connected instruments on the same web platform
  • Database linkable to other server or 3rd-party business intelligence software
  • Sending alerts by e-mail / SMS

Intervention domains

Air quality and odours control - Analysis - Measurement - Monitoring - Gas and fumes - Gas Pollutants - IT and software - Particles - Training or awareness


United States

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