ECOMESURE – Harmful algal bloom monitoring

The French town of Istres has installed a number of connected solutions to monitor parking usage, water
temperature and air quality at its beaches on the Étang de Berre, a lagoon located a stone’s throw from the Mediterranean coast.

The town uses Ecomesure’s EcomSmart solution to continuously measure formaldehyde (H−CHO) and hydrogen
sulfide (H2S) levels. Both gases, which are toxic when inhaled in high concentrations, are emitted by algae as it decomposes. Whenever these levels exceed the permissible limits, EcomSmart alerts the town’s authorities in real time so they can block access to the affected beaches.

Four reasons to install a coastal air quality monitoring system
• Monitor strategic locations: popular spots, areas near homes, sites of recurrent blooms.
• Identify conditions that can degrade air quality.
• Take steps to inform local communities and ensure the safety of beachgoers.
• Identify improvements or degradations in air quality due to industry, voluntary efforts and regional initiatives put
in place.

Intervention domains

Air quality and odours control - Analysis - Measurement - Monitoring - Gas Pollutants