ECOMESURE – Emission monitoring at the port of Strasbourg

As part of France’s Atmosphere Protection Plan and the creation of a low-emission zone, the Port of Strasbourg is deploying connected stations at various strategic points to monitor the impacts of its land and river operations
on outdoor air quality.

The measurements, which are being collected over a 12-month period and relayed in real time, are observed, interpreted and presented in custom reports on Ecomesure’s i-comesure online platform. The objective is to define a long-term strategy for monitoring outdoor air quality at the Port of Strasbourg by supplementing the pre-existing network of reference instruments managed by Atmo Grand Est, the government agency in charge of monitoring air quality in northeastern France.

Deploying outdoor air quality sensors at ports allows you to:
• Monitor the impact of multiple port activities on outdoor air quality: passenger and freight river traffic as
well as rail and road transfer points, emitting industries, fuel storage areas.
• Comply with prevailing regulations and pursue an ambitious environmental strategy for ports.
• Implement an easy-to-use solution for mapping areas more finely and assessing pollution levels in real

Intervention domains

Air quality and odours control - Analysis - Measurement - Monitoring - Gas Pollutants - Particles