Development of a five-year (2021-2026) strategic plan for the Port Autonome of Pointe-Noire

The strategic plan of the port of Pointe-Noire intends to adapt, re-evaluate, and redefine, if needed, the port’s missions in order to improve its competitiveness against other regional ports and in specific areas of port operation.

Objectives :

The strategic plan will define the main guidelines, the modality of action, as well as the estimated general expenditures and revenue necessary for its implementation.

Main phases :

  • Diagnosis: institutional framework, master plan, Congo’s development plans and orientations, strengths and weaknesses of the port,
  • Critical analysis of the neighboring port’s development strategies,
  • Assessment of traffic forecasts,
  • Proposition of strategy scenarios for each sector (management and operation, marketing, partnerships, participations…), benchmarking of similar port strategies, evaluation of the missions considered by the PAPN
  • Detailed multi-criteria analysis of the scenarios,
  • Drafting of the final five-year strategic and operational plan,
  • Identification of the capacity-building’s needs,
  • Proposition of courses of action.

Local clients and beneficiaries:

  • Port Autonome de Pointe-Noire,
  • All actors of the port community.

Post project results :

Support in the implementation of the selected identified actions for each ambition and strategic axes.

Environmental impact :

Proposal for a road map and selected indicators used in the “smart-port” topic

Intervention domains

Renewables energies


Republic of the Congo

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