COOL ROOF, freshness in the city: Demonstration and promotion of Coolroofing in Senegal

The project proposes to introduce “coolroofing” in Senegal, which consists in painting the roofs with a white specialized  reflective, durable and maintenance-free coating.

The high electricity tariff (0.20 €/kWh) and the lack of insulation of the buildings, make freshness a luxury, a sign of wealth, but accessible only to those who are wealthy households, or to activities that can absorb the cost.

Cool Roof France is committed of providing access to the largest number to a liveable interior comfort.

Intervention domains

Architecture - Energy efficiency - Environmental development - Environmental approach of urbanism - Combating greenhouse gases - Energy efficiency - Corporate social responsibility - Eco-design and clean technologies - Sustainable urban planning - Environmental and social Investments - Training or awareness



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