CITYTAPS, Elimination of arrears and reduction of water losses from MAWASCO

CityTaps has developed CTSuite, a turnkey technical and financial solution that allows water operators in developing countries to improve their financial situation, and ultimately serve 100% of urban residents 100% of the time. With CTSuite, subscribers pay for their water consumption as they go, using Mobile Money. The most modest subscribers therefore no longer risk being disconnected (due to unpaid bills) and the water operators finally have a positive cash flow, because they are paid in advance for the consumption by their subscribers. CTSuite can also put into place a schedule of daily repayments of unpaid debts, which have been accumulated by subscribers. Water operators therefore recover these arrears which would have been lost without CTSuite.

Intervention domains

Management of fluids and networks - Water infrastructure - Training or awareness - Wastewater - Water saver



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