AUTOMATIQUE & INDUSTRIE, Monitoring of the Helios Beau Champ photovoltaic power plant

Qair (formerly Quadran International), built the Helios Beau Champ photovoltaic solar power plant in Mauritius. Automatique & Industrie was chosen to build the monitoring and regulation system for this project.
With a peak power of 10.3 MWp, this power plant supplies green energy to the region’s inhabitants and infrastructures.
Automatique & Industrie supplied a supervision and control/command system interfacing with the electricity network of CEB, the island’s electricity network manager, and enabling remote control of electricity production. This system also feeds the operating status of equipment and real-time production data to a production forecasting system in order to prepare a production forecast to be provided to the grid operator every half hour.

Intervention domains

Energy efficiency - Energy efficiency - Photovoltaic solar - Eco-design and clean technologies



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