NUMTECH: Assistance in monitoring and controlling the impact of atmospheric emissions from a Moroccan major industrial group

The OCP Group, a key global player in the market for phosphates and its derivatives, wanted to monitor the quality of the air above and around its sites. He chose the Plum’Air® software platform, developed by NUMTECH, which is a complete operational decision support tool for the management of atmospheric emissions from an industrial site. Thus, its Moroccan sites in Safi (chemical industrial complex) and Youssoufia (mining extraction site) have been equipped with this solution since 2014, and its site in Jorf Lasfar (the largest chemical industrial complex in the world for the recovery of phosphate and fertilizer production) since 2018.

The objectives being:

– to know at any time the concentration levels of pollutants / odors discharged into the atmosphere,

– anticipate and assess in near real time (via continuous modeling of air quality) the impact of atmospheric emissions on site environments, particularly on workers and residents,

– to inform about the impact of their industrial activities on the atmospheric environment,

– assess the contribution of the installation to ambient pollution,

– to provide information in the event of accidental releases for personnel and incident management (for Jorf Lasfar only),

– establish air quality forecasts on the sites and their surroundings based on forecasts of weather conditions and emissions.

These forecasts have since been taken into account in the operational management of the sites to modify the operation of the units in order to limit the impact of the sites on their nearby environments. The study and comparison of different production scenarios allow daily management of the impact of the sites and daily, monthly and annual reports in accordance with Moroccan law are drawn up.

Today, NUMTECH ensures the operational functioning.

Intervention domains

Air quality and odours control - Environmental development



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