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The mission of iNex Circular is to develop unexploited resources: waste, land or heat. We have developed iNex Sourcing, a digital solution used by various players in the world of renewable energy (recyclers, energy specialists, manufacturers) throughout Europe, and beyond, to obtain relevant market analyzes in 3 clicks: – Simulate...


INSTANT System provides traveler information and MaaS (Mobility as a Service) platforms to local authorities (cities, regions) and transport operators.


Ip3 Concept, daughter company of Ip3 Group, rents and sells compact machines (called Ipcubemaker) allowing the manufacture on customer site, to measure, on demand, of resistant and ecological cardboard pallets. The IpcubeMaker is a breakthrough innovation at the global level. Protected by two patents (on the machine kinematics and on...


IXARYS SOLUTIONS is 35 years of experience working with cooperative cellars and wine estates. A suite of wine-growing software specially designed to ensure full control of production traceability, up to the overall management of the wine-growing operation. This software is also effective on the traceability of vineyard plots and leads...


KEEWE is a financial services platform, specializing in international operations, which facilitates the ecological transition of its customers by paying them a cash back, the Planet Dividend, directed towards Climate Solutions. We also offer our customers the tools to measure and reduce their emissions.


kheoos is the reuse platform for industrial maintenance parts. We automate the sale of dormant and surplus parts, in order to prevent them from being destroyed and give them a new life.


The ambition to develop the use of cycling in urban areas; At La Ruche à Vélos, we devote our time to developing innovative parking solutions to improve the daily life of cyclists, support active mobility and reduce carbon emissions. Our 100% secure and automated bicycle parking spaces allow easy safe...


LAB is an innovative, enterprising and efficient company that designs and manufactures turnkey emission treatment systems. We offer the latest technologies (M.T.D.) and competitive solutions that allow our customers to increase the profitability of their facilities while drastically reducing the environmental impact.


Founded in 1975, the LASA design office is one of the pioneers and a leader in acoustic engineering in France. Our competences cover in particular : Building acoustics: concert halls, theatres, recording and TV studios, office buildings, shopping centres, large hotels, sports facilities and tourist complexes, hospitals, teaching, HQE buildings,...


Leviathan Dynamics is a young innovative company created in December 2016 which specializes in mechanical vapor compression technologies of water under vacuum. We have two main activities: 1/ We are developing a chiller technology for air conditioning and industrial cooling based on the use of water as refrigerant. This technology...