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The Toopi Organics project was born in February 2019 following a meeting between 3 contractor including the two co-founders Michael ROES and Pierre HUGUIER.

Toopi Organics recycles, transforms and valorizes human urine into products for agriculture and industry.

TOOPI Organics is at the origin of a patented process that uses human urine to grow bacteria with strong agronomic interest. The Toopi solution starts by collecting urine through various existing or non-existing means (mobile or fixed urinal installations), transforming the urine using a patented (low-tech) process that hygienizes and depollutes the urine, and finally valorizing the urine by creating a fertilizer that is much cheaper and as effective as a mineral fertilizer.


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Toopi Organics works in collaboration with various companies in three areas:

  • Urine collection
  • R&D
  • The marketing of the product

For urine collection, the partners are medical analysis laboratories (Exalab Group), dry toilet rental companies (WC Loc, Enygea etc…), and establishments open to the public (secondary schools, high schools, primary schools). Other actors are interested in urine collection, such as petrol station managers, builders of new buildings, etc…

For the R&D pole, Toopi Organics works in collaboration with technical testing centres (Chambers of Agriculture), research institutes and agronomic experimentation centres (INRAE).

As far as the marketing of Toopi products is concerned, we are expecting a marketing authorisation (AMM) for the end of 2021. Toopi has already established close ties with several major distribution players such as mineral fertiliser wholesalers and a purchasing centre grouping together agricultural cooperatives.



Rue ZAE Ecopole
33190 - Loupiac-de-la-Réole - France Phone: +33 (0)6 02 06 51 58

Intervention domains

Exploitation and elimination - Recycling and exploiting materials - Thermal treatment - Utilization and waste disposal - Wastewater

Certifications, labels or price

The TOOPI Organics project is labeled “Green Tech Verte” by the Ministry of Ecological Transition, by Initiative France as “Remarkable Initiative”, “Hydreos” by the competitiveness cluster of the water sector and the “Seal Of Excellence” by the European Commission.

Toopi Organics has won a dozen competitions since its creation:

The “Moovjee” prize
The Agenda Trophy 21
The Aviva Factory
AgTech Summer Camp
The “baby” prize at the Blue Ocean Awards
The Fundtruck
The Food Challenge Creadev
The i-Nov Innovation Contest “Wave 5” in the category “Agriculture & Agroefficient Industry”.
The Pollutec Innovation Awards

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Rue ZAE Ecopole
33190 - Loupiac-de-la-Réole - France