Field of activity: Manufacturer - Maker


Production, marketing, research and expertise company. Water and Air Soil Quality, Agriculture, Gardens and Green Spaces, Micro-organisms, Methanisation;
– Soil regeneration, Autonomy of production, Soil quality, Humus production, Improvement of soil fertility and structure, Fight against erosion, Development of biodiversity in meadows and cultivated plots, Improvement of the global profitability of farms;
– Water quality: Biological process for the protection of the resource and sludge treatment;
– Waste: composting and methanisation; Recycling of organic matter: production of standardised organic amendments; Air quality and odour control: innovative process using micro-organisms;
– Sustainable urban planning: ecological management of green spaces;
– Innovation.

Key figures

28 000


  • +14% margin and farm autonomy -Pr Mazoyer-AgroParisTech
    – 82% of ammonia losses (odours) in livestock buildings and an increase in manure of 39% of the organic nitrogen available for crops -ITAVI-Institut Technique de l’Aviculture
    – 30% of nitrogen leaching and humic acids x2 -EuropeSoils
    Composts: -50 % of dry matter losses, better fertilising value (x2N fixed) and less air pollution -Grignon-AgroParisTech
    x3 Methane Production -Biocritt
    Improvement of nutrient quality, yields and soils – Agronomic Research Centre Agra-Ost-Belgium
    Less nitrates in the tubers + higher yield -potatoes -Chambre d’agriculture Oldenburg-Germany
    Poor soil: Improved soil and vegetable quality – less nitrates and diseases -CIFACITA-Univ. Cartagena-Spain
    – 40% soil salinity, x2 organic matter, x2 leaves and roots, x2 mycorrhizae -Univ. Marrakech.
    + 14.8 % carbon and + 9.4 % nitrogen stored in soils, Purpan Engineering School


Zone Artisanale
12740 - Lioujas - France Phone: +33 (0)5 65 46 63 30

Intervention domains

Biological treatment / Composting fermentation - Carbon Balance - Biogas - Coastal and marine environment - CO2 collection and storage - Combating greenhouse gases technology - Earthmoving and stabilization techniques - Gas and fumes - Biochemical processes - Biomass - Groundwater - Clean Development Mechanisms - Gas Pollutants - Collection, transport and treatment of cleansing sludges - Eco-management - Land usage plan environment relations - Phytoremediation - Nature reserves - mountains - forests - Indoor air quality - Fermenter, Digester, Methanizer - Environmental approach of urbanism - Combating greenhouse gases - Energy efficiency - Energy extraction from waste - Natural risks - Prevention of natural risks - Odorous compounds - Exploitation and elimination - Eco-design - Protection of the biodiversity - Eco-design and clean technologies - Sites remediation / decontamination works - Training or awareness - Eco-materials, Eco-design and Eco-products, Alternative raw materials - Methane generation - Environmental Regulations - VOC - Recycling and exploiting materials - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Implementing territorial sustainable development policies - Sewage, industrial, cleansing and dredging sludge - Seepage water in landfill / leachates - Utilization and waste disposal - Water re-use and saving

Certifications, labels or price

  • Sustainable Development Award 2015
    Golden INEL 2013 for our official recognition by the DREAL -Ministries of Environment and Agriculture- as a technology for transforming livestock effluents into standardized organic amendments.
    1st National Green Business Award 2013
    2012 Sustainable Development Grand Prize
    Grand Trophée d’Or 2009 de l’Eco-Produit, awarded by a jury of sustainable development specialists brought together by Groupe J in collaboration with the French Ministry of Ecology.
    ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified
    Products for use in organic farming
    Production of NF U44-051 standard composts

Key figures

International turnover
3 000 000€


Zone Artisanale
12740 - Lioujas - France