Field of activity: Service company , Research department - Engineering
College of Trades: Water and Sanitation professions


The Micr’Eau group is present on 2 continents, Europe and South America, in the treatment of drinking water, wastewater and biogas (flares and gasometers). The group has a portfolio of brands and innovative technologies, particularly in the arsenic field where it is a leader. He works in the industrial sectors (agri-food, mining, oil and gas) as well as for communities and water concessionaires.

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the group micreau has a lot references in the field of drinking water with removal of arsenic (100 references in France, Chile, and other countries in EUROPE  and LATIN AMERICA ; capital city like Santiago de Chile has been equiped by Micreau filter media and some of their drinking water units have been designed by Micreau engineers

on the other strong focuss biogas plants ( falres and gasholders) Micreau has also equiped large waste water treatment plants like

-the city of Paris with Siaap Valenton  (4 million inhabitants units with 4 gasholders from Sattler ) and also in Acheres (8 million inhabitant Waste water treatment plant with 6 flares from Hofstetter )

  • the city of Bordeaux : with 4 gasholders of Sattler
  • the city of Toulouse Ginestous : gasholder and flare operated now by Suez and constructed by Veolia
  • the city of Santiago de chile with aguas andinas for the plants of la farfana (4 million inhabitants) , Talagante ( 0.5 million inhabitant) , or Mapocho Trebal (4 million inhabitants)
  • the capital city of Buenos aires for AySA public operator for the plant near Ezeiza (1 million inhabitants)
  • the city of Chihuahua in Mexico operated by Suez

but also for the solid waste biogas projects of Veolia in Chile Rancagua or the calais , albi and marseille projects for Urbaser for gasholders and flares .


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Intervention domains

Biogas - Biochemical processes - Chemical-physical processes - Renewables energies - Mechanical-physical processes - Water infrastructure

Certifications, labels or price

we are certified by french government and its public institutions like BPI France or Ademe international

as well as members of clusters like Axelera , center of competitiveness for solid waste, chemicals  and recycling units

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82 rue Taitbout
75009 - Paris - France

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