Field of activity: Manufacturer - Maker , Service company
College of Trades: Sustainable City professions


Our Heywaste solution is based on 3 pillars:
– a sensor incorporating patented optical measurement technology and transmitting the filling level of the waste container at regular intervals by using low-speed networks dedicated to connected objects (Sigfox or LoRa)
– a web-based management and supervision platform providing a complete view of the state of the fleet, the filling levels of the containers and therefore the points to be collected as a priority
– a Data Science technical base that can provide end users with reports enabling them to better understand and better manage their fleet of containers.

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Innovation plays a key role in our achievements because we have been able to reduce the cost of producing waste information. Economic cost, energy cost, electronic component cost.
Some customer references:
– Manufacturer: SULO France, Spain and Belgium, UTPM, Abri Plus, AZ Métal

– Communities: St Malo Agglomeration, Pontivy, Arles, Pays de Mortagne, City of Cholet – Companies: Disney, Total


13a quai d’Ille et Rance
35000 - RENNES - France Phone: +33 (0)6 15 54 47 04

Intervention domains

Collection, transport and treatment of cleansing sludges - Environmental approach of urbanism - Exploitation and elimination - Logistics, Collection, Transport - Sustainable urban planning - Waste management - Recycling and exploiting materials - Tipping, dumping - Treatment and sorting - Waste centres

Certifications, labels or price

Crisalide Digital 2018
Circular Challenge (Citeo) 2018
Crisalide Eco-activities 2019
Impulse Labs Label Cities and Territories Circulars (2020) Datavenue Challenge (Orange) 2021

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13a quai d’Ille et Rance
35000 - RENNES - France

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