Field of activity: Manufacturer - Maker , Research department - Engineering
College of Trades: Energy, Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency professions


FinX designs a new bio-inspired nautical mobility, which replaces the propeller of boats by an undulating membrane, inspired by the movement of fish fins.

Coming from the medical field (CorWave cardiac assistance pumps), this unique innovation is based on 16 years of research and know-how. FinX adapts this technological breakthrough (protected by 15 international patents) to nautical propulsion, and has recently filed 7 patents.

The Fin5 is the first finned boat motor in the world, without propeller, 100% electric and secure, 2 kW (equivalent in thrust to a 5 HP thermal engine). First FinX product, it is dedicated to small boats (boats and dinghies) and sailboats up to 3 tons. A true technological innovation, this engine has the particularity of not “mixing” the fluid as a propeller does, but of propelling it in a straight line, like the silent power of marine mammals. The industrialization and commercialization of the Fin5 will take place during 2022.

2022 will also see the start of development of the Fin150, the second FinX product, a 100 kW (150 HP equivalent) electric fin boat motor.

Thanks to this waving membrane technology, which has a fabulous potential, FinX wants to become a leader in the energy transition and is targeting several markets: thrusters, pumps, generators, fans.

“Inhabited by a passion for boating and very concerned by the energy transition, we at FinX are proud to participate in the emergence of a more responsible nautical mobility. Deeptech is a way to take the path of new possibilities, in necessary harmony with nature. The desire to live in a better, gentler world never ceases to animate us. For tomorrow. For nature. For us”. Harold Guillemin, Founder & CEO of FinX.

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FinX propulsion technology brings major advantages:

  • Safer technology: no risk of cutting or injury due to the absence of a propeller. The motor is robust against marine debris (plastics, ropes) and algae: no risk of entanglement.
  • Reduced maintenance and upkeep: the motor is ultra-simplified, consisting of only a few parts. 
  • A more efficient system, with a very high reactivity at start-up. 
  • More energy-efficient system: FinX propulsion technology reduces the losses usually induced by the propeller’s rotary motion and promises a speed equal to that of the propeller at the same power.
  • A quieter technology, due to the absence of mechanical parts in friction, as well as reduced cavitations.

FinX Advisory Board is composed of :
– Loïck Peyron, sailor and also FinX godfather,
– Alain Renaudin, “pope” of biomimicry in Europe, President and Founder of NewCorp Conseil and Biomim’expo,
– Jérémie Lagarrigue, CEO of Energy Observer Developments,
– Hervé Gastinel, President of Ponant, former CEO of Bénéteau,
– Didier Boullery, IBM European Innovation Manager – Co-President of ESSEC Alumni Business Angels,
– Jean-François Galloüin, successful businessman, Pedagogical Manager of the Centrale ESSEC Entrepreneurs Specialized Master, professor at ESSEC and CentraleSupélec.

FinX is already taking part in the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games adventure.
FinX has won the “Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games” Call for Innovations (France Mobilités, Ministry of Ecological Transition), which aims to promote green mobility during the Games.
The start-up will motorize 5 shuttles on the Seine thanks to the Fin150 (100 kW, equivalent to 150 HP), its second product.


3 rue Joliot Curie
91190 - Gif-sur-Yvette - France Phone: +33 7 49 32 92 88


Intervention domains

Energy efficiency - Energy efficiency - Marine - Renewables energies - Mechanical-physical processes - Membrane plant - Small-scale hydroelectric energy - Water infrastructure

Certifications, labels or price

FinX is incubated in some of the most important French research centers:
– at CentraleSupélec, where the FabLab allowed the development of the first prototypes,
– at ESSEC. 

FinX is supported by Bpifrance and is part of the Federation of Nautical Industries, the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Brittany Clusters, the AFBE, EVOLEN, RespectOcean and the French Tech Seed (labelled DeepTech). 

Prizes won by FinX:
CleanTech Open Global US – Winner worldwide – 1st prize in the foreign company category & Public Prize
CleanTech Open France – Winner France, Mobility category, 12th edition
i-Nov – Winner (Sept. 2021)
ESSEC Founders Day – Finalist (Sept. 2021)
Challenge des Innovations Durables – Winner (July 13, 2021)
Energy Boat Challenge – Winner – Exhibitors’ Favorite Award (10/07/2021)
Start-up Word Cup – Semi-finalist France (29/06/2021)
Ocean Pitch Challenge – Winner, 1st prize (26/05/2021)
Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games – Winner, “Active and New Mobilities” category (06/05/2021)
Spring 50 Paris Saclay – Winner, “Mobility” category (16/04/2021)
Prix Félix – Winner of the Prix Félix 2020 in the “Coup de Pouce” category (27/01/2021)
La Tribune – National winner “10 000 start-ups to change the world” – “Start” category (08/09/2020)
i-Lab – Winner of the national competition (03/03/2020)
Techinnov – Winner in the “Sustainable Mobility” category (27/02/2020)
La Tribune – Winner of the Ile-de-France “10 000 start-ups to change the world – “Start” (31/01/2020)
Trophées Océan – Winner (16/01/2020)
SATT de Saclay – Deep Tech Labeling (10/01/2020)
Sardine Trophy – Finalist, final in May 2020 (21/11/2019)
Paris-Saclay SPRING – Winner in the “Mobility” category (20/05/2019)
Vivatech – Finalist “Next Startupper Challenge” (18/05/2019)

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3 rue Joliot Curie
91190 - Gif-sur-Yvette - France