• Energy Efficiency Consulting

Supervision of technical studies – energy audits & feasibility studies

Implementation and monitoring of energy optimization systems (including different mechanisms and international standards)

Definition of energy efficiency policies and strategies, from regulatory design adapted to the local context to implementation by creating specific financial instruments

  • Technical assistance

Definition of technical specifications and follow-up

Evaluation of the energy efficiency potential

  • Energy audits

Stage I : Energy efficiency and renewable energy potential mapping  (“Walk Through Audit” or flash diag’)

Stage II: Realization of energy pre-diagnostics (including carbon footprint)

Stage III: Realization of energy audits by soliciting our partners

  • International Project Management

Development Programs Coordination – project development, management and monitoring

Conducting identification missions

Project development, design of framework documents (terms of reference, etc.)

Project management, monitoring, planning, etc.

Project evaluation

  • Definition of strategic communication related to the sustainable development issues

Development of communication strategies

Development of the associated communication tools

Deployment of tools

Organization of communication and networking events

  • Management of international partnerships
  • Training adapted to your needs

Development of training programs adapted to different contexts, objectives and audiences

Organization of study tours in French institutions or companies

Transfer of skills during projects to support the full development of countries and actors