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ENERTIME is a technology company providing industrial solutions for the energy transition. ENERTIME designs and manufactures thermodynamic machines and the turbomachines that are its technological core since 2008.

The main activity is now focused on Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) mini power plants for the energy efficiency of industrial processes and decentralised renewable electricity production.

ORCs operate on the principle of a steam power plant in which an organic fluid (low boiling point) replaces water. CROs are an advantageous replacement for conventional steam-cycle power plants for temperatures below 300°C up to 10MWe and more. CCOs are also relevant for small plants of less than 2MWe regardless of the temperature of the heat source, in power generation or cogeneration.

CROs have applications in waste heat recovery, medium enthalpy geothermal and power generation from biomass combustion heat and decentralised concentrated solar power. In waste heat recovery applications CRBs allow continuous, CO2-free and competitive electricity production compared to all other technical solutions.

More generally, ENERTIME develops and builds “tailor-made” turbomachines in the field of gas compression-expansion (turbines, compressors) and integrates them in specific energy systems such as CROs and high power, high temperature Heat Pumps.

Key figures

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3.2 MWe ORC module for the city of Shanghai. This module, supplied with 150°C superheated water and steam under pressure, is a first to optimize the energy lost on a circular cooler of an iron ore sintering unit in one of the world’s first integrated steel production sites.

In France

1. SERM (City of Montpellier) for an ORCHID biomass cogeneration module for the Port Marianne eco-neighbourhood. ORC cogeneration module 0.6MWe / 4.8MWth

2. 2MWe SUEZ ORC – Caen –

3. AIT – SAUR – GRAND LYON ORC 700kWe – Sludge Incineration

On the international scene

1. BAOSTEEL Energy Shanghai – Module 3.2MWe

2. BAOTOU Steel 1MWe

3. KAMANYETS – biomass cogeneration module 1,6MWe

4. BANGKOK Glass Energy – Module 1,8 MWe


1, Rue du Moulin des Bruyères
92400 - Courbevoie - France Phone: +33 (0)1 75 43 15 40

Intervention domains

Biogas - Combating greenhouse gases technology - Biomass - Geothermal energy - Combating greenhouse gases - Energy efficiency - Marine - Energy extraction from waste - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Thermal solar - Sewage, industrial, cleansing and dredging sludge - Wood energy

Certifications, labels or price

Ademe-Total 2011 winner for the development of the ORCHID – FMGC module;

Member of the Cap-énergies, Axelera and Energie-Vie competitiveness clusters…

Founding member of the Institut Paris Saclay Efficacité énergétique (PS2E) (2013)

Founding member of the Geodenergies Institute (2014)

Laureat of the H2020 SME programme phase 1 for the development of an innovative CAP (2014)

Winner of the Ademe AMI Geothermal program for the development of a 5 to 7MWe ORC (binary) geothermal power plant. (2015)

Winner of the European Leanship programme for the development of a CRB – Marin (2015)

Gilles David (CEO of Enertime) selected by BPI for its CRS policy (2018)

Company selected as one of the 1000 Fastest Growing Companies by the Financial Times’ (2019)

Key figures

International turnover
2 M€


1, Rue du Moulin des Bruyères
92400 - Courbevoie - France

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