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Ecoslops is the only company offering a sustainable solution for the treatment and recovery of oil waste.

The company brings oil into circular economy thanks to an innovative technology allowing the company to upgrade oil residues into new fuels and light bitumen. The solution proposed by Ecoslops is based on a unique micro-refining industrial process that transforms these residues into commercial products that meet international standards. Ecoslops offers an economic and more ecological solution to port infrastructure, waste collectors and ship-owners through its processing plants.

Our company is unique and is the result of 5 years of R&D. Today, our engineers are constantly working on improving the process and defining / adapting new ones to support the energy transition.

Ecoslops launched in 2020 a new breakthrough innovation to produce new fuels from used lub oil and slops: The Scarabox, a containerized and automatized unit designed to treat used lub oil and slops containing pollutants (metals, sediments, …) et to produce local high quality fuel oil instead of importing.

  • Capacity: up to 10,000 tons/year (Designed for being profitable with limited amount of feedstock)
  • Built in France, CE certified
  • ‘Plug & Play’ easy to install
  • Fully automated – Easy to operate



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We are developing units in France and abroad with a project portfolio covering 5 continents.

Our first industrial unit, in Sinès, Portugal, started operations in June 2015.


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7, Rue Henri Rochefort
75017 - Paris - France