Field of activity: Research department - Engineering
College of Trades: The Waste and Pollution Control professions


Expert in RECYCLING for 20 years, I am convinced that AFRICA has a very strong potential:

Millions of tons of plastics can be recycled.

Paper and cardboard, scrap metal and metals, inert materials end up in landfill instead of being recovered.

Complexes and textiles can go to Energy Recovery for Cement Works.

Organic and fermentable waste is insufficiently exploited instead of serving as compost and natural fertilizers.

Most of the D.I.B. (Ordinary Industrial Waste) is not subject to any pre-treatment, while there are resources to be exploited in these deposits.

The decision-makers or the Multinational Companies present on site wish to rely on reliable interlocutors who master waste management.

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  • Expertise in Development in Africa (10 Years of Development Project Management).

    Expertise in Waste Recovery.

    Plastics – Paper/Cardboard – Wood – Scrap and Metals – Inerts: Materials Valorization.

    Fermentables and Organic Waste: Back to the Earth in amendment and compost.

    Ultimate: Energy Recovery.

    D.I.B: Which tools for which result?

    Sustainable Development Strategies and the Elaboration of Environmental Virtuous Circles

    In summary, I bring you my KNOW-HOW and the support of my NETWORK to develop and implement your projects.

    However, the European economic model cannot be transposed as it is, without adapting to the reality on the ground and without taking into account what already exists.


    FM Recycling (Morocco):

    Establishment of a complete Business Plan to set up a factory processing plastics from agricultural greenhouses in southern Morocco: Tarpaulins, Mulching, Drip, Twine, Phytosanitary Packaging. Potential: 28,000 Ha cultivated.

    Study of Markets, Competition, Necessary Tools and Environmental Constraints.

    The study raised €200,000 to finance the grinding – washing and regeneration facilities for Polyethylenes and Polypropylenes in Agadir.


    Guinea Limpia (Equatorial Guinea):

    Study on the sorting and recovery of household and industrial waste from the cities of Malabo and Bata. Profitability and investment calculations to reach the breakeven point, taking into account the island specificity of the capital and the absence of any industrial facility for the recovery of materials. Business Plan – Search for Markets – Analysis of shipping and customs constraints.

    Bonkoukou Route (Burkina Faso):

    Development of the complete Business Plan for a rigid plastics recycling plant in Bobo-Dioulasso.

    Market research: How is the collection of O.M. organized? Which municipal or private structures to rely on? What outlets for recycled products, locally or internationally?

    Investment recommendation – hourly output – electricity consumption – water consumption – water treatment by settling.


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Cleaning - Logistics, Collection, Transport - Waste management - Recycling and exploiting materials - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Tipping, dumping

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18 rue Denis Papin
59280 - Armentières - France

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