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An innovative green-tech company, FREECOLD designs and manufactures in France solutions for direct solar cooling

  • Coolers, freezers and air-conditioners perfectly suited for sunny areas
  • Powered from either direct sun (without battery), or solar batteries, or by hybridising sun and grid, but the photovoltaic power supply always first
  • A design resulting of a major R&D program, for hard environments and operating conditions
  • A patented technology to guarantee quality cooling for up to 4 days without sun
  • Suitable for many uses
    • residential
    • food-processing: fish, market gardening, preservation of crops, dairy sector…
    • commercial: catering, distribution and sales of foodstuffs, including outdoor markets …
    • medical and veterinary: refrigeration of vaccines and drugs …
    • tourism: camping, caravanning, recreation areas, marinas

 Sun energy to produce cold.

Every day, the Sun sends several dozen times the energy consumed by Man in a year. This fact allows us to benefit from a free and almost unlimited energy, we just have to empower it!

This energy is particularly abundant in Africa, where 30 to 40% of crops are lost before sale due to a lack of quick access to refrigeration and where the demand for refrigeration for the economic development is increasing sharply. FREECOLD innovations applied to cold rooms, milk tanksrefrigerators and air-conditioners perfectly meet these needs!

A simple and easily adjustable operation

We design and manufacture our solar cooling systems with proven and particularly energy-efficient components.

We deliver our solutions complete, pre-loaded in refrigerant, pre-wired, protected by multiple security devices, including their photovoltaic power supply, solar panels and power electronics. Everything is done to make their installation and commissioning easy, even by non-specialists.

FREECOLD is present in more than 30 countries through a network of distributors to respond as closely as possible to essential refrigeration needs for health and economic development.


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34 Chemin de l’Echut
31770 - Colomiers - France Phone: +33 (0)5 34 35 03 49

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Energy efficiency - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Photovoltaic solar

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  • Trophée de l’Innovation technique, ESSEC Alumni
  • Prix du développement industriel, Business Club UTC
  • Lauréat Investissements d’Avenir ADEME

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34 Chemin de l’Echut
31770 - Colomiers - France