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World’s N°1 Player in All-Solid-State Batteries

Blue Solutions is the company that brings together all the Bolloré Group’s energy storage activities. Blue Solutions develops and produces batteries based on its own unique Lithium Metal Polymer (LMP®) technology. After more than 20 years of R & D and building on its expertise in ultrafine papers, plastics, films, and capacitors the Group has developed full solid-state cells and batteries. These batteries are able to satisfy the demands of a number of markets and to respond to the two main challenges of the energy transition: the development of clean transport and the smart management of energy.

A pioneer in solid state batteries, Blue Solutions is the only player able to roll out this proven technology on a large scale thanks to its market’s feedback of almost 10 years.

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More than 200 MWh in operation worldwide

– Mini-grids for off-grid commercial and industrial sites: sizing, integration, supply, installation and maintenance of hybrid power plants (solar/diesel + storage) to 17 performance venues in Africa

– Mini-grids dedicated to the well-being of local population: sizing, integration, supply, installation and maintenance of hybrid power plants (solar/diesel + storage) to 9 BlueZones in 4 African countries. Each mini-grid is composed of training center, sports facilities, conference room, star-up incubators, etc.

– Integrated battery energy storage solution (storage + conversion + software) for the super calculator at the University of Abidjan

– Off-grid mini-grid for the worker camp of an industrial site in Sierra Leone

Our products and solutions are under installation in one of the biggest storage plants in France (30 kWh – Ringo project). We are also present in the electromobility market in Daimler electric buses or our Bluebus line.




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Intervention domains

Energy efficiency - Renewables energies - Mobility and urban transport - Sustainable urban planning

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ISO 14001 standard

BLUE SOLUTIONS IS COMMITTED TO LIMITING ITS CARBON FOOTPRINT IN THE PRODUCTION PROCESS. All production plants in France and Canada are covered by a common environmental management system based on the ISO 14001 standard.

Efficient Solution Label – Solar Impulse Foundation

BlueSolutions received the prestigious Efficient Solution Label from the Solar Impulse Foundation for its solid technology, unique in the world, the LMP® battery (Lithium Metal Polymer). This label distinguishes 1000 innovative solutions having a positive impact on our planet. Thank you to the entire Foundation team and their independent experts for taking the time to analyze us in depth and recognize us as one of the # 1000solutions.

EES Award 2019

BlueSolutions had the great honor of receiving the EES Award 2019 at the EES -Intersolar fair in Munich.

AIFA Award 2018 and 2019

BlueSolutions won two awards at the 2nd and 3rd editions of the African Investment Forum Award – AIFA (African Investment Forum Award) in Paris.

Key figures

International turnover
10 076 M€ Groupe Bolloré


Tour Optima - 6-10 rue Godefroy
92800 - Puteaux - France