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Altereo is a group independent of any private operator, construction company or other investors. Altereo has more than 170 employees at 11 sites in mainland France, and has several foreign subsidiaries.

Altereo brings more than 30 years of experience in the technical fields of the water sector, such as asset management of drinking water and wastewater networks, and more than 15 years of experience in the deployment of its own Geographic Information Systems (GIS), etc. Its missions and projects cover more than 30 overseas countries and territories, bringing together cross-cutting skills in a multicultural environment. Having provided services to more than 5,000 clients in France and abroad, Altereo has acquired experience working in a multitude of contexts, from the most developed countries to the emerging world, in situations with advanced technical solutions such as the most rustic ones, or with operational water and sanitation services such as those that are still very poorly managed due to a lack of technical, financial and operational resources, or in conflict situations.

This mix of experience enables us today to offer solutions based on a meticulous understanding of our clients’ needs and the context in which they operate. This is possible thanks to the combination of international and, above all, local experts, which is for us one of the keys to the success of international projects by responding perfectly to the needs of the field. This is why we have a high level of in-house expertise, but also a large network of experienced international consultants.


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In France

Since 1989, more than 5,000 clients of all sizes, mainly public authorities, have trusted Altereo for diagnostic studies and master plans for water and sanitation, local urban planning, governance consulting assignments and geographic information systems projects.

InternationallyPPWSA, Phnom Penh, Cambodia – LYDEC, Casablanca, Morocco – ONAS, Tunisia – Algérienne des Eaux, Algeria – SODECI/CIE, Ivory Coast – Yamoussoukro Province, Ivory Coast – CAMWATER, Cameroon – Province of Zou, Benin – Santo Antão, Cape Verde – KHAWASSCO, Nha Trang, Vietnam – RADEEF, Fez, Morocco – EWA, Bahrain – Régie des Eaux de Saint Marc, Haiti – Société Tchadienne des Eaux – Chad …


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Environmental approach of urbanism - Combating greenhouse gases - Corporate social responsibility - Management of fluids and networks - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Small-scale hydroelectric energy - Training or awareness - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Sewage treatment plant - Training or awareness - Wastewater - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Water re-use and saving - Significant sustainable development indicators

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2, Avenue Madeleine Bonnaud
13770 - Venelles - France