Field of activity: Research department - Engineering , Service company
College of Trades: Environmental Services professions including biodiversity and intellectual services; lawyer, consultant, design office ...


The Alkïos ecosystem is defined as an ecosystem of skills at the service of the Living World, with the aim of contributing to the integration of environmental issues, and more particularly biodiversity, into the design and implementation of projects, economic models, and corporate and regional strategies.

We support our clients’ projects from the design/R&D phase to implementation and long-term monitoring through our skills:

Ecological engineering:

  • Expertise in natural environments (fauna, flora, habitats, wetlands, soils, etc.)
  • Inventories and monitoring of species (endemic, invasive exotic, pathogenic)
  • Regulatory studies (biodiversity, polluted sites and soils, water law)
  • Environmental monitoring and follow-up
  • Nature-based solutions NBS
  • Urban and territorial resilience
  • Agriculture and agri-voltaics
  • Ecological restoration and rewilding
  • Biodiversity indicators
  • Environmental DNA

Training / awareness raising:

  • Environmental regulation
  • CSR
  • HSE
  • Nature-based solutions

Corporate Social Responsibility:

  • Responsible business strategy
  • Company with a mission
  • Health, Safety, Environment


12 agencies with multi-sectoral know-how

Alkios teams are spread across the entire metropolitan territory, through 12 agencies with multi-sector know-how.

Alkios also operates regularly in Guyana, the West Indies and New Caledonia.

‍Our teams are present internationally as part of scientific expeditions.


121 rue Jean Dausset
84911 - Avignon - 9 - France Phone: +334 28 70 37 97+33 (6) 37337566

Intervention domains

Carbon Balance - Coastal and marine environment - Earthmoving and stabilization techniques - Biodiversity and landscape - Linings and coatings - Land usage plan environment relations - Phytoremediation - Nature reserves - mountains - forests - Environmental development - Environmental approach of urbanism - Marine - Corporate social responsibility - Natural risks - Photovoltaic solar - Renewables energies - Protection of the biodiversity - Risk - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Sites remediation / decontamination works - Training or awareness - Soils remediation - Training or awareness - Thermal solar - Sustainable urban planning - Environmental Regulations - Training or awareness - Implementing territorial sustainable development policies - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Significant sustainable development indicators - Training or awareness

Certifications, labels or price

  • 2015: VINCI Innovation Award. Centralized Activity Region “Sustainable Development” category. Partnership NATURALIA ENVIRONNEMENT / VINCI / LPO. This prize rewards the development of a vibration trap, an innovative device that improves animal detection.
  • 2017: Labelling of the ITTECOP Programme for the DECHIR project (Ecological Discontinuities and Chiroptera). This study project is interested in understanding what impacts linear transport infrastructures have on bat populations.
  • 2018: Ecological Engineering Award for the operation of “Relocation of the Diana (Zerynthia polyxena) and its host plants (Aristolochia rotunda)” in the framework of the project of reinforcement of the Rhone dikes on the right bank between Beaucaire and Fourques.




121 rue Jean Dausset
84911 - Avignon - 9 - France