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College of Trades: Air and Climate professions


If the environmental problems related to air pollution are nowadays known by everyone, it is not the same for the problems related to indoor air pollution. The latter are still unknown to the general public and often underestimated. The progressive awareness of air quality issues has become collective in recent months, and the issue of air treatment is now a real public health objective. air&me has always been at the forefront of these societal and environmental developments, which is why we have been marketing air purifiers, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, fans, connected sensors, heaters and essential oil diffusers for over 15 years.

air&me is first and foremost an appliance brand that invests in R&D and innovation to offer exceptional, connected products with the best quality/price ratio. We are both manufacturer and distributor of our own brand, and exclusive importer in France of the brands Stadler Form, Blueair and Airthings, whose products are at the forefront, of the latest generation and not doomed to programmed obsolescence.

Our products and those of our partners are partly made from recycled materials. Their packaging is designed to contain as little plastic as possible and a maximum of recycled and recyclable cardboard. Our essential oil synergies contain a major part of organic essential oils.

In addition, we offer a repair service for our products, which allows us, whenever possible, to repair them and increase their durability.

CSR is now an integral part of our approach and our commitments. We make every effort to apply these principles to everything from new product development to the day-to-day running of the company.

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Today, we sell our products in major retailers such as FNAC-Darty, Leroy Merlin, Boulanger, etc.; on the web via our own website and marketplaces, as well as internationally, via a network of resellers. Among all our references, our best-sellers are
– LENDOU, a connected and customizable HEPA 13 air purifier. It has different interchangeable fabric prefilters, a set of high and low feet, 2 USB ports, and an optional induction charging tray.
– ROHAN, a connected compressor dehumidifier with a dehumidification capacity of up to 50L/day.
– ORAIN, a small dehumidifier, ideal for small spaces, and with a quality-price ratio unmatched on the market.
– AIRAIN, a USB desk fan, with soft blades, safe for children.
– SOLNAN, a humidifier with a top-fill system and integrated hygrostat.

We regularly develop new innovative products, which is the case at the moment:
– we are working on an evaporative humidifier.
– we are working on a connected ceiling air purifier, for companies, professionals and communities. We have filed a patent on this subject.


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Intervention domains

Air quality and odours control - Analysis - Measurement - Monitoring - Gas and fumes - Gas Pollutants - Indoor air quality - Odorous compounds - Particles - Training or awareness - VOC

Certifications, labels or price

  • 2009: Oxygen Awards: special jury prize for its “innovative technologies for improving indoor air quality”
  • 2010: Silver Palm of E-commerce, by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris

LENDOU meets the European standard EN 1822 which classifies air filters according to their efficiency and their retention of pollutants. This purifier has a HEPA 13 filter that stops 99.95% of airborne particles with a diameter ≥ 0.3 µm. It has a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 175 cfm, which is its ability to renew the air by removing dust, pollen and smoke.


We strive to provide you with clean air while minimizing the environmental impact of our products. Therefore we try to adopt an eco-responsible approach, from the design to the marketing of our devices. Thus, we invite our suppliers to join our CSR approach, by finding solutions always more ecological. In addition, we adopt a responsible attitude to increase the durability of our devices. We have set up an after-sales service with a service provider who stocks spare parts for our products and can therefore repair a device up to 10 years after purchase. Finally, we invest in packaging made from recycled cardboard. Our ORAIN dehumidifier is the first product concerned.

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183 avenue Georges Clemenceau
92000 - Nanterre - France