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Enviroearth is an international player, founded in 2001 in France, which designs, procures and builds scientific stations and hybrid solar energy systems.

Based close to Aix-en-Provence (South-East of France), and ISO 9001 certified, Enviroearth is owned by two reputed European groups: RAG-Stiftung Beteiligungsgesellschaft SE (Germany) which invests in companies whose products and services are playing a significant role in global changes, and Envirogroup Holding (France) which supports development of company providing low carbon engineering solutions and services.

The turnover (4 M€ in 2020) is 90% realized abroad in remote and developing countries, with a large experience in Africa, South America and remote islands.

Since many years, Enviroearth has extensive experience in remote environmental monitoring facilities and solar power plants worldwide. We design and engineer projects, manage sites preparation, purchase equipment and insure the logistic, Civil-Works and installation; train future operators and ensure after sales-services and maintenance contracts.

Enviroearth also offers sustainable city integrated solution to measure and mitigate urban project development carbon impact.

Enviroearth works with national and international organizations such as Governments, UN agencies, Developments Aid institutions, corporates and many local partners worldwide.

Key figures

4 000



– Companies: CEA, LSCE, Paris Observatory, Lyon & Basel Airports, Assystem, Gerflor, Systra, SNC Lavalin, TNT Express, Bodycote, Campbell Soup, Lyreco France, April Assurances, SPIE Batignolles, Toupargel, MSSA…

– Territories: Northern Region, Rhône-Alpes, PACA, Ile de France, Picardy, Normandy, Franche Comté, Languedoc-Roussillon, Lorraine, DREAL PACA and Rhône-Alpes, Centre, Champagne Ardennes, Aquitaine, Cities of Grenoble, Chamonix, Arles, Côte d’Azur Habitat, Habitat Marseille Provence…


– States of Minas Gerais and Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil), Mohammed VI Foundation and City of Casablanca (Morocco), Cities of Da Nang(Vietnam), Ulan Bator (Mongolia); Companies: UTE Fluminence (EDF) & CMPC (Brazil),CIPREL (Ivory Coast) NCMS(UAE), Exelis (USA)

– Conducting projects in isolated sites in Tristan Da Cunha, Cape Verde, St-Helena, Easter Island, Kiribati Madagascar, Chile, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Easter Island…

– Donors: AFD, ADEME, UNESCO, UN, World Bank…


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Analysis - Measurement - Monitoring - Carbon Balance - Combating greenhouse gases technology - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Clean Development Mechanisms - Combating greenhouse gases - Energy efficiency - Corporate social responsibility - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Photovoltaic solar - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Environmental Regulations - Implementing territorial sustainable development policies - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering

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ZI La Pile - 175, Avenue Ferdinand de Lesseps
13760 - Saint-Cannat - France