SAS ALTHODE is currently in the process of designing an ecological toothbrush manufacturing unit. The project consists of marketing wooden toothbrushes incorporating bio-based bristles. We also want to organize a downstream recycling channel for toothbrushes. Our “La Maline” toothbrush reduces plastic use when brushing your teeth by 90%.


The mission of iNex Circular is to develop unexploited resources: waste, land or heat. We have developed iNex Sourcing, a digital solution used by various players in the world of renewable energy (recyclers, energy specialists, manufacturers) throughout Europe, and beyond, to obtain relevant market analyzes in 3 clicks: – Simulate...


Our Heywaste solution is based on 3 pillars: – a sensor incorporating patented optical measurement technology and transmitting the filling level of the waste container at regular intervals by using low-speed networks dedicated to connected objects (Sigfox or LoRa) – a web-based management and supervision platform providing a complete view...


INSTANT System provides traveler information and MaaS (Mobility as a Service) platforms to local authorities (cities, regions) and transport operators.