Design and development of products and services in the maritime field including kite sails for wind propulsion to contribute to the production of renewable energies


BE ENERGY is a company specialized for several years in the design, manufacture and operation of battery and oil regenerators.


Created in 2010, Eon motors designs, develops, assembles and  market light electric vehicles. From the outset, Eon Motors has chosen to rely on European regulations for Quadricycles, light (L6e) and Heavy (L7e), for its vehicles. Designed not to be cars but the most compact and lightest possible electric vehicles in...


Our equipment is designed to treat infectious waste produced by healthcare, analysis and research establishments directly on the production site. Our shredding and sterilization pre-treatment technology is a direct alternative to incineration, significantly reducing the volume and weight of waste. The costs and risks associated with the storage, transportation and...


ENERTIME is a technology company providing industrial solutions for the energy transition. ENERTIME designs and manufactures thermodynamic machines and the turbomachines that are its technological core since 2008. The main activity is now focused on Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) mini power plants for the energy efficiency of industrial processes and...