Independent engineering company specializing in the development of innovative products, CT2MC operates in various fields: – Engineering and consulting services: carrying out technical and feasibility studies – Development, prototyping and manufacturing of products in materials composites – The manufacture of several ranges of aquatic drones providing environmental monitoring and analysis...


Acwa is a start-up that develops robotic cartography and inspection solutions for drinking water pipes. Acwa’s robots will help preserve a significant portion of the water resource lost due to numerous breakages and leaks and also save the energy used for the collection and treatment of this lost drinking water.


ART. Europe is implementing a trenchless process for rehabilitating drinking water pipes which involves applying a quick-setting food coating to the interior of the pipes. The coating consists of a solvent-free polyurethane resin.


Telaqua develops IOT and AI-based irrigation monitoring and control solutions to enable farmers to reduce their water consumption while increasing their productivity.


The proliferation of certain aquatic microorganisms, in freshwater as well as in the marine environment, can strongly impact human activities related to the use of water, whether they are recreational or essential. Asphyxiation of the environment, trophic imbalances, production of toxins constitute real and unfortunately growing threats for many ecosystems....


Ovive supplies and operates leachate and industrial effluent treatment units, biogas treatment units and waste recovery units. The company is in constant innovation (investment in bio-methane, hydrogen production, optimization of processes to reduce energy reduction). OVIVE started exporting in 2019 and aims to achieve more than 25% of its turnover...