Specialized in the development of digital tools and the processing of geographical data, U.R.B.S. is positioned as a facilitator and accelerator of energy, solidarity and digital transition of territories, particularly in the building and housing segments. An innovative company from the National School of Mines of Saint-Étienne and recognized at...


Celloz manufactures and sells bio-sourced roofing elements for garden sheds, garages, bicycle shelters … under the Tuil’UP brand. The products are made from cellulose from recycled cardboard and vegetable resins.


DYNAES, in collaboration with CES Mines Paristech, is developing technologies that improve the performance of air conditioning and heat pump systems, they would also have a positive impact on the environment and prevent CO2 emissions.


Our CoolRoof system is a passive thermo-reflective roofing system that reflects 90% of the sun’s rays, thus blocking the induced heat before it enters the building. This results in an average reduction of 6°C in building temperatures and between -20% and -50% savings on air conditioning electricity consumption. In addition...