Grow up markets supports companies to develop sustainably in West African territories. We devote our support to solutions aimed at various sectors: Environment, Energy, Health, Education, Agro-agriculture… We mainly collaborate with companies that are sensitive to the environment and to new technologies in order to build a world more sustainable.


We provide market studies, databases and analyzes of European energy transition markets, with a focus on the downstream-meter part. Delta-EE enables organizations to develop the best strategies, business models and customer propositions for the energy transition. We do this, based on customer needs, through our subscription research services and bespoke...


The Alkïos ecosystem aims to contribute to the integration of environmental issues and more particularly biodiversity, in the design and implementation of projects, business models, corporate and territorial strategies. Climate change, social and environmental transition, we support territories and companies to integrate these issues into more resilient economic models and...


Gamabilis is a start-up that designs and develops video games to raise awareness and improve everyone’s behavior. In particular, we are making a video game, Roots of Tomorrow, which aims to promote agroecology.    


The main activity concerns more particularly the diagnosis of pollution of soils and groundwater and breaks down into various professions: study and engineering, technical assistance, audits, consulting. Envisol operates in both the public and private sectors, nationally and internationally. ENVISOL operates in the nuclear industry, petroleum industry, chemicals and shipbuilding...


KEEWE is a financial services platform, specializing in international operations, which facilitates the ecological transition of its customers by paying them a cash back, the Planet Dividend, directed towards Climate Solutions. We also offer our customers the tools to measure and reduce their emissions.


kheoos is the reuse platform for industrial maintenance parts. We automate the sale of dormant and surplus parts, in order to prevent them from being destroyed and give them a new life.