Stick-n-Sense is a French company operating worldwide in the field of Energy Efficiency and aiming to: Design, develop and industrialize measurement technologies Provide licenses for these technologies Commercialize solutions embedding these technologies The Stick-n-Sense technology is based on micro-sensors to be installed on individuals Modular Circuit Breakers of an electrical...

GDS International

GDS International is a subsidiary of Générale du Solaire (independent solar energy producer) responsible for the group’s activities abroad and particularly in Africa. GDS International undertakes solar projects, with a specialisation in off-grid projects: small self-consumption power stations for private individuals, or small networks with storage solutions to provide electricity...


BeFC offers a sustainable alternative: the production of electricity from paper and enzymes. We manufacture biofuel power cells which use enzymes to convert sugar and oxygen into electricity. Free of plastic and metal, our solution is protected by more than 6 patents, and is wholly organic, recyclable and compostable.


Water Geothermal Sustainability is specialised in groundwater and specifically in geothermal energy and water management. The business core is therefore energy transition and the environment. Hydrogeological knowledge is essential to sustainable géothermal projects. Furthermore, it is at the centre of the Water-Environment nexus.