Accessibility policy

This site, developed on the Drupal 0 software platform, is accessible to all users, including persons with motor and visual impairments. The site complies with all the criteria of the AccessiWeb quality label (version 2.0) at the Silver (AA) level.

The following functionalities are available to facilitate browsing:
” text alternatives, transcriptions or detailed descriptions of images, animation and video sequences that convey information;
” clearly outlined menus and navigation by the Tab key;
” page display options (zoom, deactivation of style sheets).
Text alternatives
Whenever possible a text option is proposed for images, animated sequences and video content to enable users to access their informative content via specialised tools (speech synthesis systems, for instance).
Menus and browsing
The main menu entries are available at all times in the left-hand menu displayed on the site.
Each page of the website includes:
  • a top banner that allows users to return to the home page with one click;
  • a “thread” line above the content that specifies the page’s position in the site structure and allows users to move up one or more levels with a single click;
  • a secondary menu on the right-hand side containing submenus, if any, for the principal menu entry.
The page footer gives access to:
  • contact information
  • the site map
  • legal notices
  • general conditions of use
  • accessibility information.
Return to top
The top of each page can be reached rapidly via Return to top hypertext links.
Keyboard browsing
The entire site can be accessed using the Tab key. Use the Tab key to move from one link to the next, and the Enter key to activate the link on which the cursor is placed. Use the Up and Down arrows to move the vertical scroll box (or elevator). Customising pages
Changing font size
  • The site’s accessible design means your browser’s functions will work to modify font size. In Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer use the Display menu at the top of the browser to select Text size and choose the desired font size.
Remove layout features (deactivate style sheets)
To deactivate features such as colours, italics, font sizes, etc. follow these steps.
  • In Internet Explorer – Click on the Tools tab, then on Internet options. In the dialog box select the General tab and click on the Accessibility button. Tick the first two items in the dialog box (“Ignore colours specified for Web pages” and “Ignore font styles specified for Web pages”) and click on OK to validate.
  • In Mozilla Firefox – Click on the Display tab at the top of the browser, then on Page styles, and select the No style option.
Downloadable tools for accessing certain types of content
Animated sequences
The Flash Player utility must be installed on your computer to view content in the Flash format. If you do not have this plug-in it can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe website:
Downloading PDF files
Certain documents that can be downloaded from the site are available as PDF files. To open these files the Acrobat Reader utility must be installed on your computer. This utility can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe website: Browser compatibility
This site is designed to be compatible with recent versions of the principal browsers: Firefox 3.5 or higher, Internet Explorer 8, Safari, etc.