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Having reached half of the year 2015, we, at the Club, feel that this intense year may be essential for the future of our eco-enterprises : 

2015 A key year for... the energy transition: ADEME is at the heart of the deployment of the energy transition in France, a transition that transversely requires the implementation of all the know-how and expertise of the eco companies of the Club. We may expect a stronger sustainable growth for our businesses in France, but the energy transition should also encourage us to put forward and export internationally these innovative, desired and recognized skills. The Club dedicates its work to the highlighting of solutions offered by its members and a more effective pooling offer in order to strengthen the competitiveness of our companies.

2015 A year of transition towards ... a low-carbon economy. The Club has successfully participated in the Business Climate Summit as a supporting partner of the forum that took place in Paris last May 20 and 21. Bringing together a large number of world business leaders, the Summit enabled to raise hope by generating a positive energy in the preparation of the COP21. The business community clearly stressed the points that the transition to a low-carbon economy and adaptation to climate change are real and concrete opportunities to create sustainable green growth. Today the corporate world calls on political leaders to establish a high carbon price and clear rules for the creation of a global carbon market. Nothing less and it is, we hope, the lowest goal that should be met during the COP21 negotiations.

2015 ... the year of the COP21 in Paris. ADEME is obviously strongly mobilized for the preparation of this major event; there will be a before and after to Paris! And we believe at the Club that this “after” can highly be beneficial for green businesses. The Club is heavily involved in the promotion of the new exhibition World Efficiency in October and the Gallery of Solutions, which is to be held at Le Bourget during COP21. These two events will be the opportunity - more than ever – to put light on the Club ADEME International members and their innovative low-carbon solutions.

In 2015 and of course beyond, let us mobilize and seize the COP21 to raise the voice of eco-innovative SMEs, often pioneers in their field of activity.

Kind regards,




General Delegate of eco-businesses at Club ADEME International